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About Herald Learning Centre


Herald Learning Centre provides a fun-loving family-feel environment to master the Chinese language, Mental Arithmetic and 3G Abacus. Our interactive learning syllabus and environment allows for sensory learning, growth in academic as well as life-skills. Our cosy and fun-filled environment entices students to come to our centre and enjoy learning. Our teachers educate and observe the students during their learning and through their interactions, they share and unveil the beauty of Chinese culture.


Chinese language and culture is one of the oldest and richest that have cumulated more than 5,000 years of history. From traditional Chinese to simplified Chinese to proverbs to linguistics, the etymology and beauty of the language is undeniable.

It is from the beauty of this language that a young man and a young woman's love blossomed. Now Mr. & Mrs. Toh for more than 24 years, their love for the Chinese language and culture has weaved its way into every aspect of their lives. Mrs. Toh has been teaching the Chinese language for 20 years and they decided in 2010 that they will establish an enrichment centre to impart their knowledge and share their love of it in their unique style.

Since 2010, Herald has been utilising an interactive and sensory approach towards teaching which engages children's need for learning and having fun. Students learn through stories, playacting and games during their lessons and bring home with them general knowledge as well as life-skills on top of the Chinese language that will give them a step up in school.

Herald Learning Centre was previously operating as Nickel Apple Learning Centre and as the centre grew, it was identified through a branding exercise that the name was unable to express their brand and services suitably.

So in 2014, after a year-long branding exercise, Herald Learning Centre was born. "Herald" means official messenger as well as one who actively promotes and advocates. That rings true with who we are as we deliver teachings of the Chinese language. The name also has a positive association with the well-known "International Herald Tribune" and since it is common to read newspapers to improve on one's language ability, the connection is very apt.



To be a prominent learning centre in Singapore that nurtures student leaders to reach their fullpotential through education and creativity.


At Herald Learning Centre, our mission is to provide quality education to bring joy; to let students learn through play; and to develop an interest in Chinese Mandarin and Abacus through an encouraging and supportive faculty. We encourage continuous training and development in a vibrant working environment for staff to continuously improve their knowledge and skills to stay competitive in the industry.


H – Happy while learning                 
E – Encouragement for success      
R –  Responsible for our actions       
A – Attention to details                     
L – Loving like a parent                    
D – Devoted to students’ growth    


Flexible -In the way we deliver         
Upbeat – In the way we interact        
Nurture - In the way we guide