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Specifically designed for students from pre-school to lower secondary, our Chinese enrichment programme will help infuse a deep understanding of the Chinese language to our students.


Tailored to their age group, students will be coached in the written, oral and aural aspects of Chinese by vastly experienced and caring tutors, with interesting content appropriate for their age group to stimulate their minds and to ensure maximum and efficient learning.    


Through this course, with the use of the 3G abacus, our students will be equipped with the ability to perform complex mathematical calculations. Students will then be coached on how to perform these calculations mentally, allowing them to do complex calculations in a matter of seconds. Stimulating their visual, auditory and tactile senses, our abacus class assists in the development of the child mentally, promoting better memory, comprehension, attention span and critical thinking skills.


Currently, the 3G abacus is the only set of abacus curriculum to achieve convergence with primary school mathematics teachings, thus this course will allow your child to effectively apply and transfer the knowledge learnt in our class to solve mathematical problems in school.


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