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Pre-school children have a very short attention span and will not be able to maintained focused for long lessons. Therefore, the programme has been designed with that in mind and has diverse activities to attract children's interest in the language. The programme includes listening, speaking , reading, writing and drawing components.

  • Listening: Children love stories so before we go into the lesson, stories are told in relation to the lesson, drawing their attention to the syllabus and improving their listening skills.
  • Speaking: After the stories, the teacher will ask questions and guide the children to answer them, so that their ability to speak will be enriched.
  • Reading: Every lesson has a short essay and will explained through story-telling. The children will learn to read and then role-play the story to strengthen their understanding of the text.
  • Writing: Each class has different components such as crafts and painting that will enhance the children's writing skills.
  • Drawing:The children will be given drawing activities that are tied to the lesson, practising their ability to hold a pen properly as well as boosting their imagination and creativity.

Through each lesson of learning new words and continuous revision of past lessons, the children recognize around 200 to 300 words in a year. Each lesson aspires to share facts of life and inspire the children. They also learn the correct strokes of writing, proper speech grammar, hanyu pinyin, synonyms, antonyms and quantifiers etc.