Herald Learning Centre @ HDB Hougang
Herald Learning Centre @ HDB Hougang
Herald Learning Centre @ HDB Hougang
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Welcome to
herald learning Centre


Herald Learning Centre provides a fun-loving family-feel environment to master the Chinese language, Mental Arithmetic and 3G Abacus. Our interactive learning syllabus and environment allows for sensory learning, growth in academic as well as life-skills.

Our cosy and fun-filled environment entices students to come to our centre and enjoy learning. Our teachers educate and observe the students during their learning and through their interactions, they share and unveil the beauty of Chinese culture. 


Chinese Enrichment Class

Designed for students from pre-school to lower secondary, our programme will develop the student’s Chinese proficiency.

3G Abacus/Mental Arithmetic Class
Equipping students to perform complex calculations, stimulating the students' minds.

Latest Updates

- Look out for our Bus Ad on Bus 113. How many times can you spot it in a day?

- Look out for our mascot Yang Yang in schools around Hougang and Kovan areas as well as surprise locations!

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