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Thank you so much for all your efforts and patience in guiding my son, Dillon Chew, to achieve such great improvement in his Chinese subject.  
I believe Dillon must have also felt your sincere effort and kindness in wanting him to do well for his Chinese exams, that is why in such short span of few months, he has shown leaps of improvement in his Chinese subject, especially his Chinese comprehension and composition, which are his weaker components in exams.  
We are proud of Dillon’s great improvement in his Chinese final exam result, and that is all because of 吴老师 and 陈老师 “Never Give Up” spirit in guiding any student to do their best.

Lervanda Lim

I would like to show my gratitude towards you for teaching my son, Dong Zhe, Chinese language.  
Despite being only 5 years old, his Chinese has improved tremendously. We can see and feel that he is always looking forward to attending your lessons, and he would always share what he has learned from his classes. Your patience and care towards him is greatly appreciated.   
You would make Chinese lesson seems fun and easy to understand to read and write. We remembered an experience whereby there was a student’s birthday and you changed the lesson into a birthday theme. This lesson was so capitative towards the whole class even till this day, Dong Zhe still talks about it! 

We are very happy to able to meet a teacher like you who make Chinese class this fun and enjoyable. We used to hate Chinese lessons during our school days, if only we met a teacher like you, we would be better off in our mother language! 
Thank you from the bottom of our heart. 

Celine Toh

I would like to thank 吴老师 for her help and guidance, as Jace has improved tremendously in his Chinese language.

When Jace first started Primary 3, he (and I) did not expect Chinese Composition to be this difficult. When he failed his SA1 practice paper for Chinese Composition, I panicked and tried to coach my child using the techniques I was formally taught. However, I could not do it as I did not know the techniques to teach at all. 

I sought help from 吴老师, and I told her that Jace needed to pass for the coming SA1. 吴老师 was very encouraging to my child and taught him the techniques to pass his composition. In just 4 intensive lessons of 2 hours, he passed SA1! 

I decided to push his boundary a little, and continued to prepare him for SA2 by giving him another 4 intensive lessons just before SA2, during the school holidays. This time, he passed with flying colours, obtaining 14/15 for Chinese composition.  

We were overwhelmed and delighted with his results! Thus, we are enrolling Jace to Chinese composition tuition with 吴老师, instead of just the holiday classes. 

Thank you 吴老师! We are very grateful to you! 

Tan Koo Li

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