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Learning Through Play

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Mandarin Lessons

A firm foundation in Mandarin is paramount in our an ever-globalising world. With an increasing use of Mandarin in the world, many of us are trying to give our children a level playing field or wanting them to become exceptional in their school.
At Herald Learning Centre, we provide the environment and tools for our students to improve academically, regardless their background. Our teachers are experienced and passionate professionals, committed to bringing out the best in your child.
While the syllabuses of our courses are MOE-aligned, our philosophy of interactive learning and cultivating the habitat of reading would give students various learning experiences and a holistic development of their literacy.

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Abacus Lessons

While the use of the abacus may sound unconventional and obsolete in our current age of technology, the use of abacus aims to strengthen our students’ arithmetic skills, allowing them to effectively apply and transfer the knowledge learnt from our class to solve mathematical problems in school. By stimulating their visual, auditory, and tactile senses, our abacus class would assist in the crucial development of your child’s memory, comprehension, attention span, and critical thinking skills.
Our abacus classes are conducted with the use of the 3G abacus. Currently, it is the only set of abacus curriculum to achieve convergence with the primary school mathematics teachings.


Toddler Program

Our Imaginative Play has been perfect for many families. If you have specific questions about day-to-day activities or the program timeline, simply get in touch - one of our team members will be happy to help.

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